The Elder Rolls

Play it here: Unity Player download required


The Elder Rolls is the world's first First-Person Stroller. You play as an elderly person trying to race to the end of a hallway using very precarious controls to lift and place your walker one step at a time!

Created for the Spring 2014 Athen's Game Jam, inspired by the topic of "Dark Ages". Our group took these words very literally, thinking of the possibilities of aged people ambling around in the darkness of a retirement home. The initial concept was a Mario Kart-style racing game with many types of unlockable walkers and zany power-ups as the elderly raced through hallways in an underground circuit. We shifted our direction early on as we ruminated on the struggle that it would be for old people with walkers to race. Inspired by ridiculous coordination games like QWOP, we developed a scheme to for picking up the walker, then having to manipulate the four corners to land back on the floor without tipping over. Thus, over the course of 36-hours, the Elder Rolls was born.